May 162010

After a trip to the ladies room for a quick snort of cocaine, Dr. Claire is waiting in the exam room for her next patient. It isn’t long before Bianca shows up for a heart exam, perhaps a follow up from a previous stay in the hospital (see our previous review of Bianca’s Hospital Erotica). Claire is careful in her examination of Bianca’s heart, checking her blood pressure and giving a thorough listen with a stethoscope. After a lengthy examination, Bianca is curious and Claire allows her to take over listening. Intrigued, Bianca continues to listen as Claire points out the proper head positions, before Claire unbuttons her lab coat to let Bianca listen to her heart too.

A bit excited by having Bianca in control of the steth and under the effects of the cocaine, Claire grabs a second stethoscope and quickly slips out of her bra and panties, enjoying the sound of Bianca’s heartbeat. Thoroughly aroused by the interaction, Claire slips her hand between her legs and begins pleasuring herself, but she is caught by her co-workers. Either the shock of being caught or her arousal is enough to send her into cardiac arrest. If things weren’t hot before, they just got hotter, as Betsy and Nicky come to the aid of their friend and co-worker, while Bianca looks on with an expression of concern…and curiosity.

The mood shifts abruptly from being curious to critical as Claire is laid out on the exam table and they work to revive her. This video has a lot of really good technical details to it. The defibs get a progressively more “Hollywood-style” as the resuscitation sequence unfolds, but they are definitely enjoyable to watch. Though many videos feature intubated patients, this one really stands out for technical merit. The intubation is very realistic, and Claire does a fine acting job later when she wakes and the tube is in her throat – a very, very realistic response from her.

As Claire begins to wake, Nicky and Betsy both listen to her chest. Bianca grabs a third steth and joins in the action, bringing the scene full circle. OPandER has done a fantastic job with this video, and it is an absolute must for any steth fan.

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